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NEW 2017 – San Jorge de Sumaco Bajo Bird Sanctuary - Amazon Birds
Harpy Eagle NEW 2017 – San Jorge de Sumaco Bajo Reserve - Lower Amazon Basin
         Blue-headed Parrot
San Jorge de Tandayapa Hummingbird Sanctuary Lodge
Waterfalls San Jorge de Milpe Orchid & Bird Reserve

NEW spacious Bungalow Rooms at San Jorge de Milpe Orchid & Bird Reserve with Balcony & View

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Swimming in the waterfalls at San Jorge de Milpe

Outdoor breakfast at San Jorge Eco-Lodge/Quito

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Welcome to San Jorge Eco-lodges & Botanical Reserves

The magic birding & Photography circuit



The Magic Birding & Photography Circuit is the first of its kind in South America, We own  7 private Birding Reserves and 4 Eco-Lodges in Ecuador,  most  within a 2 hour radius of Quito. Experience our Ecuador Birdwatching Tours & Bird & Wildlife Photography Tours,  Nature Eco-Tours, Ecuador Wild Orchids, Butterflies and Medicinal Plants visiting up to   14 diverse eco-systems in the Andes Highlands, Highland Rainforest, Cloud Forest, Upper Tropical Rainforest, Paramo, Upper Amazon Basin, both on the East & West Andes Slope. This year we have added 2 NEW private nature reserves to The Magic Circuit collection, introducing San Jorge de Estero Hondo Reserve located in the Pacific Coastal Lowlands, and most recently, San Jorge de Sumaco Bajo Bird Sanctuary located in the Lower Amazon Basin.

Our private nature reserves offer over 1,700 possible bird species and 65 Hummingbird species, 15 running waterfalls, 2 ponds, rivers, wild orchids in natural habitat, butterflies, mammals & diverse flora & fauna. Our all-inclusive Ecuador Tours include airport transfers or pick up from downtown Quito, delicious meals, comfortable lodging, specialized English speaking native guides and private transportation throughout the reserves. We bird our way from reserve to reserve eliminating unnecessary driving. Our 4 Ecuador Eco-Lodges are rustic and environmentally friendly and offer quality service with comfortable well-appointed rooms furnished in typical décor with optional upgrades for private balcony and stunning views or rustic bungalow rooms inside the tropical rainforest located at our new Forest Eco-Lodge. Enjoy nature from our 60 foot high spacious observation tower overlooking the canopy, swimming at the waterfalls with a picnic lunch, or selecting one of our Ecuadorian cultural tours.  


  • NEW - The Canopy Islands Bird & Wildlife Photography Center at San Jorge de Tandayapa Hummingbird Sanctuary in the Cloud Forest Ė a first in South America! Observation decks at a variety of levels with active feeders, 360 degrees of light to shoot any desired angle, photograph canopy birds in nearby trees and raptors & birds in the forest. A birdwatchers and nature lovers heaven.
    View The Canopy Islands Wild Photo Center

  • NEW - Hummingbird Restaurant & Bar at San Jorge de Tandayapa Hummingbird Sanctuary in the Cloud Forest, built high above the forest canopy with spectacular views - open air dining!  Dine with the Hummingbirds!  3 NEW spacious rooms have also been built offering panorama views, which has increased capacity to 16 double or triple rooms.

  • NEW - San Jorge de Sumaco Bajo Bird Sanctuary located on 400 acres in the Tropical Lower Amazon Basin is a brand new  to our collection of private reserves.  A new paradise for birdwatchers and photographers offering a new selection of Amazon birds & wildlife to The Magic Birding Circuit Tour portfolio.

  • NEW - San Jorge de Estero Hondo Botanical Reserve located at the Pacific Coastal lowlands has also been added to our selection of tours. Another new paradise for birdwatchers and photographers offering coastal birds and mammals.
  • San Jorge Eco-Lodges is a licensed Quito Tour Operator.  We offer the following pre-scheduled or private tours:
    • Birdwatching Tours, Senior Birdwatching Tours, Hummingbird Tours
    • Bird & Wildlife Photography Tours, Hummingbird Photography
    • Nature Eco-Tours, Cultural Tours & Student Educational Programs
    • Galapagos Islands Cruises & Amazon Jungle extensions

    Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence Awards

    San Jorge de Tandayapa Hummingbird Sanctuary & Lodge
    San Jorge de Milpe Orchid & Bird Reserve & Lodges
    San Jorge Eco-Lodge & Botanical Reserve/Quito

    Magic Birding Circuit Tours:
     Ecuador Birdwatching Tours  - All-inclusive birdwatching pre-scheduled tours are offered throughout the year, ranging from 7 nights thru 20 nights East & West Andes Slope, from the Pacific Coast to the Amazon with 1,700 possible bird species + 65 Hummingbirds. Travel to Ecuador and visit all climate steps of the world on the most diverse tours.  Pre-scheduled or custom tours.

    Magic Bird & Wildlife Photo Tours:  Ecuador Photography – All-inclusive bird photography tours in Ecuador. Hummingbird Photography. Feeders at all San Jorge Lodges & Reserves; 60’ high Observation Tower overlooking canopy; Canopy Islands Wild Photography Center in the Cloud Forest; Superb photo options. Pre-scheduled or custom tours

    Magic Birding Circuit Hummingbird Tour: Hummingbirds in Ecuador. 

    Magic Eco-Tours for Nature Lovers: Ecuador Eco-Tours - Ecuador Eco-Adventures - All-inclusive pre-scheduled tours for nature lovers scheduled throughout the year, ranging from 3 to 10 nights

    Magic Circuit Orchid Tour – Wild orchids in Ecuador at San Jorge’s Private Nature Reserves

    San Jorge Eco-Lodge & Botanical Reserve/Quito, an 18th Century Spanish Hacienda located in the Pichincha Foothills in the High Barren Plains/Highland Rainforest on 230 acres of untouched, protected land. It preserves the wild and natural habitat of the many endemic plants, mammals, and over 90 different species of birds, which are native only to the Andes region. We are the only private reserve near Quito, yet a world away from the busy city to provide guests with peace and tranquility. Start birding and enjoy nature as soon as you arrive to Quito! Enjoy Birdwatching, Photography, Hiking the Last Incan Emperor’s Trails, Medicinal plants & sacred waterfalls. Join us for delicious food, Andes music, comfortable rooms, private baths, and lovely gardens. Moderate Wi-Fi is offered in the upper level rooms and courtyard, including lower level courtyard and reading room. A wonderful natural environment awaits you. Explore our beautiful gardens, within a comfortable Eco-Resort environment. Relax at our festive El Cucayco Restaurant that serves delicious Ecuadorian and international cuisine, and overlooks the valley of Quito.

    San Jorge Eco-Lodge & Botanical Reserve/Quito Restaurant

    2017 NEW! Hummingbird restaurant with panorama views
    San Jorge de Tandayapa Hummingbird Sanctuary & Lodge

    San Jorge de Tandayapa Hummingbird Sanctuary & Lodge located in the Cloud Forest, 150 acres of prime birding & hiking property, recently built gorgeous mountain top lodge in Tandayapa Valley, pristine birding and hiking trails, bird huts, running rivers, ponds, NEW open air Hummingbird Restaurant & Bar surrounded by active hummingbird & tanager feeders, and beautiful gardens with wild orchids in their natural habitat. NEW Canopy Islands Wild Photography Center!  Accommodations include spacious rooms with private baths, and optional upgraded rooms with panorama views and balcony. No Wi-Fi is available at this lodge in the Cloud Forest Mountains. Located one hour from San Jorge Eco-Lodge/Quito, it is part of the Choco Bird Area of N.W. Ecuador where as many as 500 species live,observation decks, birding huts, spectacular views, and superb photography options.

    Rooms with panorama views
    San Jorge de Milpe Orchid & Bird Reserve has 2 Lodges, located in the Upper Tropical Rainforest on 260 acres of prime birding & hiking property. Enjoy spectacular scenery, beautiful birding and hiking trails, running rivers, 11 waterfalls, over 450 species of tropical birds, hundreds of butterflies, numerous wild orchids in their natural habitat, including a wide array of tropical flora and fauna. San Jorge’s Observatory Hill is unique with four species of parrots including the Rose Faced Parrot, four species of Toucans, including a huge amount of Tanagers and many more! NEW 60 foot high spacious Observation Tower overlooking the canopy.  San Jorge de Milpe Orchid & Bird Reserve has the comfort and rustic elegance of a rainforest lodge, making it the ideal retreat for birdwatchers, photographers, and nature lovers alike.  Spectacular birding & nature at the most beautiful lodge of the surroundings

    New rustic Bungalows at
    San Jorge de Milpe Forest Lodge
    Brand NEW San Jorge Forest Lodge with spacious rustic Bungalow Rooms inside the forest – 2 queen beds, private bath, large windows; Private Balcony & Views – hammocks for relaxing see birds from your room. Moderate Wi-Fi is available at the bar & observatory. Large open air restaurant & bar with views; reading room, lounge, 60  foot high overhead observation deck - all canopy, hummingbird & toucan feeders. 


     Ecuador Bird Lodge

    San Jorge Cliff Lodge (Scientific Research Center)  offers double rooms –2 twin beds and private bath, open air restaurant/bar, observation decks, active hummingbird feeders, pristine trails, wild orchids in natural habitat. No Wi-Fi is available at the remote location of this lodge.

    San Jorge de Cosanga-Yanayacu Wildlife & Bird Reserve - Eastern Andes Slope
    , Highland Cloud Forest, adjoining Antisana National Park. This reserve is yet another birdwatchers paradise within the Subtropical Eastern Slopes of the Andes offering a wealth of new birds.

    NEW!  San Jorge de Estero Hondo Botanical Reserve is a private tropical reserve located in the Pacific lowlands of Ecuador in a transitional zone between the semi-humid and dry tropical forests of the now endangered Tumbesian Endemic Corridor. It is rapidly becoming one of the last pristine reserves in the lowlands of the west. Estero Hondo is a paradise of 300 possible bird species within the reserve and other sites nearby, with mantled howlers, white-fronted capuchin monkeys, peccaries, jaguarondi’s, ocelots and tamandua anteaters.

    Harpy Eagle
    San Jorge de Sumaco Bajo Reserve

    NEW! San Jorge de Sumaco Bajo Reserve (Rio Tutapishco)  - Amazon Birdwatching

    NEW! San Jorge de Sumaco Bajo Reserve is a private tropical reserve in Eastern Ecuador on 400 acres.  A magnificent pristine prehistoric forest surrounded by several protected areas including the enormous Sumaco - Galeras National Park. 550 bird species are presently inventoried with an amazing collection of wild creatures and is situated in one of the most diverse climate steps in Ecuador. This new reserve offers beautiful crystal rivers, several streams and springs, and a hilly area  between the flat land thus providing a multitude of options for natural history, birdwatching and bird & wildlife photography.

    San Jorge offers the best options for Birdwatching, Bird & Wildlife Photography,  Ecuador Bird Lodges, Nature Eco-Tours,
    Cultural - Historical Tours, and Student Educational Programs. 

    Added extensions are offered to The Galapagos Islands and Amazon Jungle  – Ecuador travel




    7 private reserves & 4 eco-lodges

    SAN JORGE eco-lodge & botanical reserve/quito 
    andes highlands/high barren plains/highland rainforest
    Altitude: 3,000 - 3,100 m.  (9,580 - 10,500 ft. o.s.l.)

    SAN JORGE DE TANDAYAPA hummingbird sanctuary & lodge
    cloud forest
    altitude:  1,700 m.  (5,600 ft. o.s.l.)

    SAN JORGE DE MILPE BIRD & orchid reserve
    San Jorge cliff lodge & san jorge forest lodge 
    upper tropical rainforest
    altitude: 900 m.  (3,000 ft. o.s.l.)

    andes highland cloud forest
    altitude: 2,500 m. (8,000 ft. o.s.l.)

    SAN JORGE DE ESTERO HONDO botanical reserve
    altitude:  200 m.  (600 ft. o.s.l.)

    san jorge de sumaco bird sanctuary
    lower amazon basin
    altitude:  500 m.  (1,600 ft. o.s.l.)

    ecuador hummingbird poster - san jorge eco-lodge quito ecuador birding
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    Located in Quito-Tandayapa-Milpe-Cosanga-Yanayacu-Estero Hondo-Sumaco Bajo
    Ecuador – South America

    (877) 565-2596 toll-free USA/Canada 
    Email: info@eco-lodgesanjorge.com

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