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Quito CLothes Drive

Please help us clothe the needy people of ecuador


Your old clothes will help keep kids and their families warm. Due the current economic crisis in Ecuador, even the most basic needs for children and adults alike, such as clothing, often go unmet. We have organized an ongoing clothes drive, for our visitors to help the people in the Andes Highlands & Tropical Rainforest.  We ask that guest visiting San Jorge Eco-Lodge & Botanical Reserve bring along a small bag of used clothes to donate. This is not mandatory, but only a request. All types of clothes are urgently needed, including coats, hats, mittens, sweaters and other attire. Children's clothes, especially infants sizing and up, are very much needed and often overlooked. You may also contribute money, if you wish, to shop for new clothing, especially shoes, which are always desperately needed. New shoes are more useful and often very expensive in Ecuador


"It feels good to do this. You're helping kids because they don't really have anything"-Anonymous visitor



Items Needed

  • Outfits for Infants and Toddlers
  • Women's Dresses
  • Men's suits- in good overall condition, minor repairs can be made
  • Children's clothing, all ages all sizes
  • Coats and Jackets, men's, women's and children's
  • Shoes and Boots, in good condition, all sizes, sneakers and functional, everyday styles
  • Denim and corduroy garments, jeans and slacks
  • Sweaters in fairly good condition
  • Sweatshirts and pullovers
  • Lighter weight clothes for those living in the Amazon Basin

*If you would like additional information, or wish to help, please contact us.

Wish List for kindergarten
San Jorge Eco-Lodge/Quito has helped establish a kindergarten in Quito. Here is our wish list:

  • Clothes for the kindergarten age children
  • Any type of elementary school supplies (rulers, pencils, pens, erasers, pads, chalk, etc.)
  • Decorations such as educational posters written in simple English or Spanish for kids
  • Decals for the walls
  • Educational toys
  • A used computer

*If you would like additional information, or wish to help, please contact us.


Seasonal Temperatures Ecuador's climate follows a pattern different from what travelers from temperate regions are used to. Instead of the four seasons, there are wet and dry seasons, and weather patterns vary greatly among different geographical regions. The temperature varies only slightly, from season to season .Daytime temperatures in Quito average a high of 20 to 22 degrees C (68 to 72 degrees F) and a low of 7 to 8 degrees C (45 to 48 degrees F) although more extreme variations are experienced. There is an old Ecuadorian saying that "four seasons can be experienced in one day". Insulation in homes is often inadequate; so warm clothing is essential. Given the unique geographical location of Ecuador, (situated directly on the Equator), weather conditions in this region can be very hard, especially on the younger children. Almost all of the natural forest cover has disappeared due to deforestation and as a direct result, weather conditions in this region can be very unforgiving, especially on the younger children.

Your generosity will be greated appreciated



Cheryl Korowotny
International Director
The Magic Birding & Photography  Circuit
Quito – Tandayapa – Milpe - Cosanga - Estero Hondo-Sumaco Bajo-Guacamayos
Ecuador – South America
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