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Name: Laura Catalano and Shalyn Mirun
Country-City: Fairbanks, Alaska
Sent: 12/30/05
At Hosteria San Jorge the service was excellent and everybody is very friendly.We fully enjoyed the San Jorge de Milpe waterfalls expedition and the guides. Wildlife - excellent. .

Name: Laura Milner / Barbara Brooks
Country-City: USA
Sent: 12/30/05
We enjoyed San Jorge Eco-lodge Medicinal Plant Tour, and San Jorge de Milpe waterfalls expedition.FABULOUS ..... GEORGE YOU DO AN EXCELLENT JOB!!!.

Name: Yana, Leonid, & Daniel Gordin
Country-City: Boston MA USA
Sent: 12/30/05
We loved Botanical Reserve Hosteria San Jorge very much. We would be happy to recommend you. Your personal is very friendly.We went to San Jorge de Milpe Botanical Reserve , birdwatching and hiking and swimming. Marvelous.Otavalo Indian Market and woodcarving village, Old Quito city tour, cable car and middle of the world.The knowledge and professional manner of George's guiding is impressive.

Name: Dr Andrea Seidel - Professor Florida International University
Country-City: Miami FL USA
Sent: 12/30/05
BOTANICAL RESERVE HOSTERIA SAN JORGE provides a wonderful , unique experience in the Andes .George Cruz is a very warm and extremely knowledgeable host with great expertise in the botanical and ecological environments of the varied climate zones..The lodge is beautifully decorated with hand-carved colonial -style furniture with a beautifully landscaped grounds. San Jorge de Milpe, with hiking to primary forests and waterfalls and mountain biking trips provide phenomenal once-in-a lifetime experiences with spectacular vistas.San Jorge provides for both comfort and the challenge of the outdoors with plenty of tasty food, snacks and drinks.Thank you!!

Name: Alexa Roscoe & Karen Williamson
Country-City: USA
Sent: 12/28/05
Al the waiters staff were lovely and helpful.

Name: Jim & June Carr
Country-City: Dublin, Ireland
Sent: 12/28/05
Beautiful areas and excellent guides.Lovely family atsmosphere. Friendly and helpful staff. Fires in rooms are excellent! Rooms and food very good. Tables could be jointed together for communal dinning (like a dinner party)

Name: Andrew Henderson
Country-City: USA
Sent: 12/28/05
San Jorge Eco-Lodge is Fantastic!!We enjoyed the Otavalo tour . Heidi was excellent.,

Name: carol-severino@uiowa.edu
Country-City: .Iowa City, USA
San Jorge Botanical Reserve its the most beautiful place I have ever been to. Great gardens, great pool, great food, great hospitality . The vegetation in our self guided trip was gorgeous. We loved the flowers and the unique plant

Name: Sonia Turner and Chris Older
Country-City: Liverpool , UK
Sent: 12/12/05
Botanical Reserve Hosteria San Jorge - The room was lovely -great views and lovely to have the fire in the room.Service was perfect with excellent information, great food and lovely people.We walked up to the San Jorge Botanical Reserve -very beautiful views over Quito.

Name: Frank and Louise Hesse
Country-City:Berlin Germany
Sent: 12/12/05
Botanical Reserves Hosteria San Jorge - Excellent!! people and service.The best we had in Ecuador.Everything was perfect. Very helpful and kind.Thank you!

Name: Zoe Korsner
Country-City:London , UK
Sent: 12/12/05
Botanical Reserve San Jorge -Very good service . Very helpful staff , especially Vicente.Lovely food, good fires. Great breakfast!!Peaceful surroundings.We took lovely walks in the grounds. Enjoyed seeing birds and llamas.

Name: Elisa Mirangeles
Country-City:Barcelona, España.
Sent: 12/5/05
Todo muy bien, muy amables y acogedores. Caminata a caballo con Vicente excelente. Muy buen guìa y una persona encantadora. Lugar e instalaciones, para recomendar.

Name: Alice Burruss
Country-City: USA
Sent: 12/1/05
My son and I visited the Hosteria San Jorge for a week in the month of November. We had a fabulous time! Having traveled many places in the world, Ecuador has become my favorite. Though not a very large country, it's probably one of the most naturally diverse countries in the world, topographically, culturally, and nature wise. The accommodations are very nice, and the owner and staff at the San Jorge are five star quality. There are activities for all, the adventuresome type to the less active. I highly recommend the Hosteria San Jorge. This was my second visit in less than six months because I enjoyed myself so much on the first trip! If your not interested in birds you will be by the time you leave. In one day I saw approximately 30 species of birds! One note, there are so many different things to see that it would be difficult to do in one trip. I still haven't seen everything so will be returning and will definitely stay at the Hosteria San Jorge!

Name: Barbara Jackson
Country-City: Bedford Novascotia.Canada
Sent: 11/05
San Jorge Eco-lodge - Beautiful property
San Jorge de Milpe - I enjoyed the scenery and birdwatching.
Horsebackriding at San Jorge Eco-lodge: highly recommended.
Otavalo trìp: good to shop.
We have found that the transportation is excellent.
George our guide was very enthusiast. San Jorge Eco-lodge is a lovely property. I appreciated the hot tub. The day tours are quite long.
I will have loved to stay one free day relaxing in San Jorge.
I greatly enjoyed my stay! Thank you very much!!

Name: Drs. Nigel & Valerie Kay
Country-City:Northampton , UK
Sent: 10/25/05
Transport- excellent
Guides - excellent
Rooms - comfortable and warm, once fire lit . Very peaceful.
Restaurant- service was very good, and delicious food.

We enjoyed San Jorge de Tandayapa Reserve ( Cloud Forest) brilliant
scenery and Reserve. George is a very helpful guide to bird spotting. His enthusiasm for all flora and fauna is un boarded.

Name: Drs. Kate & Julian Lindenbaum
Country-City:Northampton , UK
Sent: 10/25/05
We enjoy a day visit to Saquisili for the local market . Excellent
experience of Andean life and culture.
We visited San Jorge de Tandayapa with excellent guiding by George. It is a beautiful area with wonderful mountains and forests, teaming
with bird life. We learnt a huge amount and enjoyed George`s
tuition. Very good picnic lunch..

Transport was good with efficient airport transfers.
Rooms are lovely, particularly with the warmth of the fire in the room. Botanical Reserve Hosteria San Jorge staff is delightful and anxious to please.
Restaurant food is very ice. Limited wine list.

Name: Shirley Keane
Country-City: Perth, Australia
Sent: 10/20/05
Otavalo Indian Market, Quito City Tour, Medicinal Plant and San Jorge de Milpe Reserve tours: All tours were excellent, with Jorge an interesting, personable and knowledgeable guide. I particularly enjoyed the Magic Birding Circuit in Milpe. The river and waterfall were just beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Guide service cannot be faulted. The rooms and facilities in general are great, but I must mention the excellent service provided by Vicente. He works very hard and always smiling. He is a great asset to Hosterìa San Jorge.

Name: Karen Fisher
Country-City: Waterford, Ireland
Sent: 10/20/05
We enjoyed the Otavalo Indian Market, the Magic Birding Circuit in Milpe, the Medicinal Plant Tour in Hosteria San Jorge in Quito and the Old Quito City Tour.Thoroughly enjoyed all the tours. Jorge was a mine of information and very good company. I couldn't`t pick a favorite tour- they are all wonderful!!

The river and the waterfall in San Jorge de Milpe Botanical Reserve were memorable. I will never forget it!!

Transfers were on time and easy to find. Tour guides were exceptionally good. Rooms and facilities in general were excellent, the food was very good.!

Vicente was always smiling and helpful. A real asset.

Name: Jessica Meakin
Country-City: London UK
Sent: 9/21/05
Hosteria San Jorge is one of the friendly places I have ever stayed.Its very much a family run business and both George grandfather and George senior have a great passion for all things Ecuadorian. George senior has a great knowledge of birds and all wildlife in Ecuador and its history. He's a wonderful guide.The food is wonderful and healthy and can be taken by a roaring fire at night and with the hummingbird feeders at breakfast or lunch at the patio.The fires make all the rooms very cozy and inviting. I would recommend this place to anyone who would like a friendly place to relax in beautiful surroundings.

Name: Trabor and Alison Maxwell
Country-City: London UK
Sent: 9/18/05
We had a fantastic time at Hosteria San Jorge. It was very beautiful and peaceful, very relaxing after a month of traveling in South America. Everybody was friendly and helpful, and the food was fantastic. The horse-riding was brilliant, and the surrounding countryside was beautiful. If we come back to Quito, we will come and visit again.

Name: Lauren and Janice Harris
Country-City: Lawrence, USA
Sent: 9/16/05 Thank you for a lovely stay at Hosteria San Jorge. Arriving at San Jorge felt we were stepping in another world. The views were stunning, the grounds are beautiful, and everyone we met was friendly and helpful. We will remember our time here with great fondness. Good luck!!

Name: Sean and Taylor O`Donell
Country-City: Boulder, Colorado USA
Sent: 9/5/05
The  bicycle ride from San Jorge  to Tandayapa  Reserve offers the experience of a lifetime for the reasonably fit. Coolhigh altitude Paramo , llama and potato farms to the warmer cloud forest with trout farms below. The Reserve  with it birds is a wonderfulreward for the journey
Name: Sean and Taylor O`Donell
Country-City: Boulder, Colorado USA
Sent: 9/5/05
The bicycle ride from San Jorge to Tandayapa Reserve offers the experience of a lifetime for the reasonably fit. Coolhigh altitude Paramo , llama and potato farms to the warmer cloud forest with trout farms below. The Reserve with it birds is a wonderfulreward for the journey

Name: Julia , Al and Stuart Rohde
Country-City: Northville, Michigan
The support staff was the best, very accomodating! Jorge went the extra miles to please us. His beautiful family was an added bonus.
Gorgeous mountain bike downhill!! It was great!!
Buen AÑO Nuevo!!

Name: Rene Jaramillo
Country-City: Melbourne Australia, Guide Book
Sent: 9/5/05
For total relaxation, this is the place to be! (try the Jacuzzi and sauna)The friendly staff are great!Also enjoyed the knowledge and enthusiasm of the owner regarding the history of the area.

Name: Robinmarie Kail
Country-City: Warminster, PA USA
Sent: 9/5/05
Wonderful, beautiful setting. We truly enjoyed staying at the Hosteria. Horseback riding was wonderful. Food and servicewere great . We will tell our travel agent about Hosteria San Jorge . Loved the night fire.

Name: Amy Grill
Country-City:Philadelphia PA USA
Sent: 9/5/05
The setting here is very peaceful and the grounds are beautiful. The hacienda is very nicely decorated. The hummingbird feedersare a nice addition.

Name: .Jill and Scott Schneidern
Country-City: New York, USA
Sent: 9/5/05
We very much enjoyed our stay at San Jorge.The staff was wonderful and went out of their way to make our stay enjoyable.We would love to return and will recommend San Jorge to others

Name: Yasmin O`grady and family
Country-City: Belfast Ireland
Sent: 8/14/05
"Coming to Quito? Then you are very close to Paradise!Hosteria San Jorge is an exquisitely authentic, family-run Hacienda set in a garden full of butterflies and hummingbirds. Charming rooms with open fires, delicious food and personal service made it a hit with us. The pool, grounds and horseback riding made a hit with the whole family "

Name: Andrès Pascual y familia
Country-City:La Rioja, España
Sent: 8/7/05
Un lugar ideal para descansar y reponer fuerzas. Ambiente muy agradable , buen servicio, buen restaurante....

Merecela pena desayunar en su patio al sol recièn salido. Mucha suerte

Name: Amanda and Ryan Rosenberg
Country-City: New Jersey , USA
Sent: 8/6/05
San Jorge Eco-lodge tours organized and planned our trip tothe Galapagos Islands. Transports to and from the Quito Airport were included and provided in the price. Our 3 night excursion to the Galàpagos was on a clean, comfortable yacht with extremely accommodating staff. The food was delicious and the activities to and around various islands were exciting. We were able to see many ocean and land animals. The tour guide provided us with a history of the islands and their inhabitants. We learned so much and had the adventure of a lifetime . We recommend touring with the San Jorge Eco-lodge adventures and the Galàpagos extension. WE truly appreciate the hospitality of all the individuals who helped make this vacation so memorable.

Name: Amanda and Ryan Rosenberg
Country-City: New Jersey , USA
Sent: 8/6/05
Our visit to San Jorge de Tandayapa (cloud forest) andthe drive to the Tandayapa Reserve is magnificent. The guide provided history of the lands and the pepole.This was greatly appreciated.The hike at the Reserve was beautiful and not very difficult.. The trails are well maintained . The views are spectacular in every direction, we were able to see some birds.

Our Visit to San Jorge de Milpe.(Tropical Rain Forest)The tropical forest is loaded with amazing trees and plants as far as the eye can see. We were able to see toucans, blue morpho butterflies,a woodpeckerand other beautiful birds.The initial circuit forest trails are easy and the last walk to the waterfall is difficult. If a guide is not available, could be a good idea to have a pamplet with information of plants and animals. Overall, the forest, the waterfall, rivers, and views are breathtaking and worth the effort!!

Name: James Baddeley
Country-City: London, UK
Sent: 8/1/05
Our stay in Botanical Reserve San Jorge (Quito highland rain forest and paramo)Fantastic location. Beautiful restored buildings . We enjoyed our tour of Quitowit George. He is very informative, and we learned a lot . We enjoyed our 4 days here, relaxing, taking short walks and generally enjoying the atmosphere and amazing views. The service was excellent. The staff are all very helpful and work extremely hard to make the stay of guests enjoyable!!

Name: Jefferson Rey
Country-City: California, USA
Sent: 8/1/05
Hosteria San Jorge has the best food of all my travels around the world !! The stay was very enjoyable !the staff are so kind and friendly!! Botanical reserve in San Jorge is very beautiful . Spectacular views. San Jorge de Tandayapa (cloud forest area) I love the bicycle ride. Scenery is very nice. San Jorge de Milpe Reserve (tropical forest). The birdwatching was interesting. Good spotting scopes. I preferred hiking through the rain forest. The waterfall was nice.
Name: Andrew Butterfield
Country-City: London, England
Sent: 8/1/05
Our stay in Botanical Reserve Hosteria San Jorge: Hotel and Food excellent! . Botanical Reserve very good for birds and walking. All staff very good. Looking forward to coming back!!
Name: Joe Butterfield
Country-City: USA
Sent: 8/1/05
Hotel and food excellent . Hotel grounds excellent for birdwatching. Rest of reserve - excellent for walking. Staff very friendly and accommodating. Looking forward to returning!.
Name: Mr and Mrs Wiiliam Gold
Country-City: Denver, CO USA
Sent: 7/22/05
Our family of 17 people thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Ecuador, Quito, and Galapagos. (Millennium Yacht)The people we have encountered in beautiful San Jorge, and all around this wonderful country were most helpful and accommodating.The experience of seeing the animals and the marine life was beyond our expectation. We thank you so much for making this a fabulous life time experience for our family. July 22, 2005
Name: Chuck Warren
Country-City: UnceratinTexas USA
Sent: 7/17/05
The hotel atmosphere is unique and a wonderful experience, which I highly recommend.

Name: Jennifer Warren
Country-City: Santa Monica, CA USA
Sent: 7/17/05
San Jorge is wonderful retreat. The landscape, gardens and beautiful mountain air make for a truly invigorating experience!!

Name: Lisse Lotte and Michael Reinkjae
Country-City: Copenhagen , Denmark
Sent: 7/17/05
Michael asked me to marry him in here, because it is one of the most romantic places we have ever been to --quiet, fresh air, marvelous surroundings and a very kind staff. The food is great - especially the breakfast served outside. The place is fantastic. More people should come here.

Name: Lisse Lotte and Michael Reinkjae
Country-City: Copenhagen , Denmark
Sent: 7/17/05
Michael asked me to marry him in here, because it is one of the most romantic places we have ever been to --quiet, fresh air, marvelous surroundings and a very kind staff. The food is great - especially the breakfast served outside. The place is fantastic. More people should come here.

Name: Alice Burruss
Country-City: Memphis, TN USA
Sent: 7/1/05
Having traveled extensively in the world, my experience at the Hosteria San Jorge was absolutely the best! The property is exquisite with all the amenities anyone could want and delicious food. Tours are available that meet everyone's desires, but the best things, are the people. The Cruz family and the staff make you feel like you are a part of their family. They are professional and absolutely the best!!!! I will definitely be back with my entire family!!! July 1, 2005

Name: Leah Saporit
Country-City:Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
Sent: 6/26/05
My experience at San Jorge was incredible . The facility is very clean and full of beautiful natural plants and animals . The staff is wonderful especially Daniela . She went out of her way to make sure everyone was comfortable .Jorge is a wonderful guide.I can not do justice describing how wonderful the food was .Thank you to everyone at San Jorge for an amazing experiencing.

Name: Don Veirs and Ellen Parker
Country-City: Eugene , Oregon
Sent: 6/12/05
The Otavalo and surroundings tour was fantastic.San Jorge is as beautiful as advertised, and very tranquil . Who would know that near the end of "Machala Street" there would be such a haven and such nice people.Thank you very much for our stay.

Name: Jim, Amy and 3 children. The Schaeffer family
Country-City: Pa, USA
Sent: 6/12/05
Wonderful people that make you feel welcome and comfortable. Beautiful sights to always remember. We enjoyed the tropical rainforest and waterfall in Milpe. The hotel has great food and is authentic, a feeling of historic Ecuador. We highly recommend it for other families.

Name: Marian Margulies
Country-City: Larchmont NY
Sent: 6/11/05
Many magical moments to be experienced in this enchanting hosteria.
Breathtaking views of the mountains and cloud forests; delicious meals
while feasting your eyes on amazingly beautiful birds and flowers; cozy
and romantic nights in the room sitting by a crackling fire, a bottle of
wine at arms length; warm and gracious staff headed by Jorge, the owner,
himself, a warm and delightful person who clearly takes great pride in
running this wonderful "home away from home." These are some of the
things that come to mind when I think of my stay at San Jorge.

Name: Clare Thomas and Fiona Sanderman
Country-City: London UK
Sent: 6/10/05
Beautiful place, especially the gardens, the service was outstanding , very personal , warm and welcoming.The staff are happy to arrange any tour /travel arrangements you need.Fantastic food and lots of it!!Wonderful horseback riding tour. Beautiful surroundings . Thank you very much for a lovely stay

Name: Carl Howlet and Anne Anderson
Country-City: Utah USA
Sent: 6/10/05
Excellent tours to Otavalo and hiking to the waterfalls.
Great fireplace in room, wonderful hot tub, hummingbirds and vegetables


Name: John Bare
Country-City: Wilmington, Delaware USA
Sent: 6/5/05
Lovely location, friendly and helpful staff ,excellent food, secluded location, nicely appointed rooms.

Name: Kerrie Pain
Country-City: Canmore, Canada
Sent: 6/1/05
Warm and Friendly staff. Lovely site above Quito, but not to far for easy access.Bessi is a marvel. Nice easy manner and very helpful.

Name: Laura and Emily Curd
Sent: 6/1/05
The Hosteria was the perfect sanctuary for us to begin our travels in Ecuador. The grounds are incredible and the atmosphere very relaxing. What a welcome to Quito...fresh flowers in the room a hot fire and escaping views of the surrounding volcanoes. Everyone has been friendly and helpful.Thank you

Name: Carolyn Parker
Country-City: Ohio , USA Journeys International
Sent: 4/24/05
EXCELLENT!!! the service, the scenery, the food, the wine and most of all, THE PEOPLE!!

Name: Amy Cunlife and Lous Miles
Country-City: Sidney, Australia
Sent: 4/19/05
We really enjoyed our stay. Very peaceful and relaxing environment . Beautiful setting, very enjoyable hot showers. The first in two months in South America!!
The were all very friendly, helpful and accommodating. Lots of interesting tours.

Name: Kirsten Voege
Country-City: New York USA
Sent: 4/18/05
The hospitality of the staff was very welcoming and gracious . I highly recommend this hotel for a peaceful respite from your travels.

Name: Barbara Petit
Country-City: New York USA
Sent: 4/18/05
Peace and tranquility. Good food. Warm and welcoming staff. Birdwatching excellent. Guide excellent.

Name: Paul and Jill Rutter
Country-City: Southhampton U.K.
Sent: 4/7/05
Friendly staff who were always happy to help. Cozy rooms and excellent food. We would recommend the Hosteria to others. Muchas gracias!!

Name: Tom and Jane Barnds
Country-City: Elmhurst, IL USA
Sent: 4/2/05
We enjoyed our stay at San Jorge. We found the staff knowledgeable and helpful. We recommend San Jorge as a great eco-lodge experience.

Name: Will Buck and Johanna Lucoff
Country-City: Boston , MA USA
Sent: 3/29/05
At the end of a beautiful week in Ecuador, Hosterìa San Jorge was a lovely place to spend a couple of quiet days in the mountainside. Thank you!!

Name: Glenn Browning and group
Country-City: New York, USA
Sent: 3/29/05
A wonderful place to stay. The website cannot convey the hospitality of the staff. The grounds are more beautiful and interesting than I imagined. History is alive in the architecture of the buildings, surroundings, and appointments. We took lots of pictures of the many wall hangings, pottery and other antiques. The Otavalo,Cotopaxi, Medicinal plants, Quito City and Horsebackriding tours were very good!

Name: Mara and Scott
Country-City: Somerville, MA USA
Sent: 3/29/05
We enjoyed our stay at this special place. The setting is spectacular, the staff are especially friendly. Bessie is a treasure.

Name: Trevor Neal and friends
Country-City: Derby U.K.
Sent: 3/29/05
Very friendly, welcome and clear description of facilities. Extremely accommodating with telephone calls to other hotels, and arranging transport. Delightful staff who made our visit most enjoyable. Thank you.

Name: Tori and Carol Morris
Country-City:Texas, USA
Sent: 3/20/05
The hospitality was marvelous, food was great, the horseback riding was beautiful, as same as the fires at night . The tours were nice and very helpful to learn more about Ecuador and its culture.

Name: Laura Dukess and Roger Schwed (Ben and Stephen too)
Country-City: PTS Inc./Galapagos Tours & Cruises
Sent: 3/1/05
It has been far too long since our return from wonderful trip to Ecuador, and our fantastic stay at Hacienda San Jorge, for this to be our first e-mail correspondence. I apologize. We had such a wonderful time at your beautiful Hacienda, and were so privileged to have had you as our host for both the days at San Jorge and our trip through the mountain towns. I wonder if you know how truly extraordinary an experience it was. We certainly do, and it is part of why we so often find ourselves thinking about the trip (the beautiful land and architecture, the wonderful food, the horseback riding trip, Mae, Bessie, Vicente, the cold snap of the mornings, the cozy fires at night, the small artisan villages, the amazing topography - I could go on and on). Thank you so much for the experience.

Name: Madsen and Co.
Country-City: Sorring, Denmark
Sent: 2/16/05
Flowers, room, views, Vicente, log fires, food, breakfast in bed, Cuba libres, gardens, birds, lit paths, humming bird feeders, paintings on walls, and doors, music, I could go on and on, all in all a breathtaking atmosphere!

Name: Alfonso and Alma Ocampo
Country-City: Los Angeles, USA
Sent: 2/4/05
San Jorge is peaceful, quiet and relaxing. I loved the birds, and the service was great. We were very happy. I will recommend that my friends and relatives visit this wonderful place.

Name: Jason Brotter and partner
Country-City: New York, USA
Sent: 2/7/05
Very helpful staff , excellent food, great rooms with fireplaces.

Name: Mark and Chrissa Pedersen
Country-City: Philadelphia, PA USA
Sent: 1/17/05
This place is a hidden treasure just a short ride from the city. It was quite a surprise and treat to find San Jorge. I would recommend staying here over downtown Quito, any time. Gorgeous birding and medicinal plant connected tour. Great food.

Name: Ben Bessler
Natural Habitat Adventures
2945 Center Green Court South , Boulder, Colorado 80301
Sent: 1/15/05
Yes, I liked the hospitality and the authenticity of San Jorge, just minutes away from Quito. It is a quiet hacienda where I got a great feeling of a true Ecuador.
The guiding service was fantastic!!
The hospitality was fantastic!!
The food was fantastic!!

Name: Milena Friedman ( Holbrook Travel )
Country-City: Claremont , CA, USA
Sent: 1/9/05
It was truly a wonderful weekend.I enjoyed everything, including interestingconversations with everyone who works here, the food, the very informative and gorgoeus horsebackriding and medicinal plant- birding tour expedition. I had a beautiful room and enjoyed the spectacular view, the smell of fresh flowers and warm fire in the evenings. Thank you!!

Anthony Gray
Country-City: Sydney , Australia
Sent: 1/ 8/05
I had a very relaxing stay. The environment was great. The staff all very friendly. Very comfortable room. The food was simple and good quality. I had an excellent stay during 10 days in a wonderful environment. Thank you for the gorgeous medicinal plant tour and mountain biking farm expedition

Name: Greg and Gloria.
Country-City: Sydney, Australia
Sent: 1/4/05
My husband and I really enjoyed staying at San Jorge. Its very quiet and we really felt at home.
We also did some horsebackriding which we both enjoyed very much.
The staff are very friendly.

Name: Karen and Richard HAW
Country-City: Nottingham, UK
Sent: 1/1/05
We stayed at San Jorge over Christmas 2004. It was our first Christmas outside of England. Jorge and his family made us feel very at home and showed us our first Ecuadorian Christmas . We will never forget it. We really recommend staying at San Jorge. Some of the highlights were: log fires in our room, the swimmingpool, very friendly staff, beautiful scenery, and excellent food. We will love to come back!!

Name: Dr Diane Carson PhD. Dr Willis Loy
Country-City: St Louis ,Mo
Sent: 1/1/05
We enjoyed the medicine plant, horsebackriding and Otavalo tours. San Jorge is an oasis of calm and excellent service, wonderful hospitality and knowledgeable, helpful staff. The birds are also near and beautiful, the food excellent, and the environment quiet and beautiful.

Name: Mary and Marc Rostock
Country-City:Postmonth U K
Sent: 1/1/05
San Jorge was a brillant way to start our honeymoon - very peaceful and tranquil, and so relaxing! A nice place to get used to the altitude.!
We went horsebackriding in the hills, which was wonderful, even through Marc came off the horse!
The staff are so warm and friendly and makes you feel very welcome. Why are you not here already?

Name: Framer Group
Country-City: Akron Oh
Sent: 1/1/05
Our horsebackriding expedition in San Jorge was wonderful and terrific!!!

Name: John Hawkins, Nancy Wolf and Family
Country-City: Akron OH
Sent: 1/1/05
Spectacular vistas, wonderful horsebackriding, quiet, BEAUTY BEYOND WORDS. Everything was wonderful (too much food).
I highly recommend it!!!

Name: Kiersten Myer , Stephie Framer
Country-City: Akron OH
-Very beautiful scenery
-everyone is extremly nice and helpful
-lunch was good
-horses were fun and pretty
-baby foals were adorable and cute all can be!!

Name:Mary Ellen Bittorf - - White Mountain Audubon Society, Arizona, USA
Date: January, 2005
I heartily compliment the MY Floreana on their service , food, cabin, the tours, and the tour guide. We really liked Jorge, our guide, and Raul. Raul was a favorite with everybody. He always had a smile, and a great sense of humor. We all enjoyed the last night, when Jorge and Raul, along with a couple of others who got together to entertain us with music. Jorge played the guitar, and the others sang (so did we). Jorge was an excellent guide, and everyone was very patient with us. They even had to show us how to get into and out of the motor boat without tipping it over and dumping everyone in the water! We did need sandals for the water landings. All in all, it was a wonderful experience

Service was excellent. Vicente was friendly and accommodating.
The fires were beautiful. The food was good. Thank you for helping make our honeymoon wonderful.

Name: Julia , Al and Stuart Rohde
Country-City: Northville, Michigan
The support staff was the best, very accomodating! Jorge went the extra miles to please us. His beautiful family was an added bonus.
Gorgeous mountain bike downhill!! It was great!!
Buen AÑO Nuevo!!!

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