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Name: Geraldine Slean
Country-City: Stanford, USA
Sent: 9/28/06
 Wonderful services and attention from staff and owners. All are incredible, flexible and understanding. Transportation services were prompt and much appreciated.

Name: Dr Donald Tan - Birding Photographer
Country-City: USA
Sent: 9/5/06

San Jorge de Milpe has the potential to be a great eco and birding attraction . Add informational placards along the trails to identify plant and birds.

Transportation, hotel services, food, sales, services, guides and tours are just EXCELLENT!!

Name: Steve and Nima Love - Honeymooners.
Sent: 9/5/06

San Jorge de Milpe was thouroughly enjoyable, really educational, and one of the best days out.

The tour of the mountains behind the house was also great!

Transportation is very good, so are the services. Very kind people. No problems for us.

I thnk you are doing really well. Keep it up!

Name: Dr. Bruce and Maria Parsons
Country-City: New York City, USA
Sent: 9/5/06

We enjoyed these San Jorge tours: Downhill bike trip, and San Jorge Botanical Reserve.Quito City tour. Otavalo Indian market and shaman cleansing.

San Jorge de Milpe Reserve, birding and swimming in the waterfalls. Horsebackriding . Shamanic medicinal plant tour and the center of the world.

The food was wonderful and healthy. The guided tours were excellent, very well planned, comfortable, informative, interesting and personal.

The service made us feel as if we were in a good friend´s house !!

Our stay was near to PERFECTION.

We travel veryextensively , and this was one of the best trips we have ever taken. We used San Jorge as our base

and experienced a variety of environments while enjoying activities such as birdwatching, hiking and horsebackriding.

Jorge Cruz and his staff treated us like family and provided a rich and wonderful experience.

Additionally, the Galápagos trip was excellent, with a very nice boat and crew. (Eden)


Name: Marylin Sutherland
Sent: 9/5/06

Transportation is great . Chef was amazing, meals excellent, service outstanding, would recommend to anyone . 

Name: William Lee
Country-City: New Jersey, USA
Sent: 8/06<

San Jorge de Milpe is amazing! The drive, the hike to the waterfalls was wonderful! .

The shaman experience was very neat. Once in a lifetime experience.

Transportation was great . Jorge is an awesome guide. 

Rooms- very cozy . Restaurant- good

Name: Iris Saligman and Karen Malm
Country-City: San Francisco , USA
Sent: 8/06<

We hiked on San Jorge Hosteria property trails and enjoyed them very much.

We greatly enjoyed the artwork by George of the local birds and other Ecuador scenes and others subjects.

The room was very comfortable, service was excellent and food delicious.

Thank you . We will recommend San Jorge to our friends.

Name: The Lewin Berlin Family
Country-City: Lexington MA USA
Sent: 8/4/06
We did a difficult bike ride! Gorgeous and challenging!!
I loved the Otavalo tour. We didn´t need to see extra towns.
Very flexible about transports. Loved Quito and loved the ice cream place.
Next time I will love to do some birding and days of hiking.
I really enjoyed hearing stories, history, and info about the towns. I would have loved to have gone on your walks in hiking and birding!! Next time!!
I especially enjoyed Jorge's guiding. He has patience, is thoughtful and knowledgeable about just about everything.
Rooms are very pretty in all the surroundings. Beds are to soft , but ok. Showers are warm enough. I loved all the art, flowers, stone in the pathways. It all feels so authentic. In fact, the longer we stayed, the more we loved it.
The Jacuzzi was really fun. We used it in the day and night, and we also got a visit from the llamas - that was fun.
The outdoor maintenance: Its beautiful everywhere!! Thank you for everything!!

Name: Michael , Monica Cooper and sons
Country-City: Lexington MA USA
Sent: 8/4/06
At San Jorge, we enjoyed Horseback riding, the medicinal plant tour, and at night we went to an original Shaman. All tours were very well done. SAN JORGE HOSTERIA PROVIDES EXCELLENT FOOD. THE STAFF IS VERY HELPFUL.

Name: Nils and Claire Holiffe
Country-City: Southapton UK
Sent: 6/25/06
San Jorge de Milpe Botanical Reserve, fantastic day, a beautiful place . Good magic waterfalls and swimming. San Jorge de Tandayapa Reserve, also beautiful place. We loved the hummingbirds ! Perfect for birdwatchers. Papallacta Hot Springs was mazing. Perfect after lots of activities. Hosteria San Jorge staff is fantastic, very friendly and welcoming. Room lovely, clean and warm. Food very good but too much of it. Better small portions. Jacuzzi is very warm.

Name: Levin Butterfield
Country-City: Colorado USA
Sent: 6/13/06
San Jorge de Milpe couldn´t be a better first day!!
The drive, the hike, and the waterfalls were spectacular!
George knows so much and apart from the physical beauty
We left informed .
Also Georges LOVE and enthusiasm for his land is contagious !!
Thank you for such a great gift!
Transport A plus on time, dependable.
Guides A plus . George is so knowledgeable.
Room B. I would like to have a wood fire in the room!!
Restaurant B plus lovely service, wonderful juices, eggs, great vegetables for dinner.
We enjoyed the cozy small dining room.

Name: Judith Adkinson
Country-City: Texas, USA
Sent: 6/13/06
Medicinal Plants, Milpe, Inca Trails and Quito were very good tours. San Jorge de Milpe was by far the best . Jorge was so well informed and hospitable.
The site is incredible.
The medicinal plant tour was also interesting. Vicente had a wealth of knowledge and was eager to explain. The inca trail was beautiful. The vision of maintaining these reserves and creating such adventure tourism sites is going to be successful.
Room was very good, all the staff was friendly and helpful.
Anyway, you are on the track! The site in Milpe will be a good addition. Good vision and hard working positive people are your great strength. I really enjoyed my stay in here. You got your way to make me see the shaman. An incredible experience. I will tell everyone I know who is coming to Quito about Hosteria San Jorge.
Thanks for everything!!

Name: Daniel Victor and Janet Wilson.
Country-City: Seattle USA
Sent: 5/30/06
We didn´t take any tour but would have loved to if we were staying longer with you. We liked the ecolodge idea and chose it because we were told you had lots of trails to walk. We truly loved everything! Excellent food, beautiful environment, great information. Vicente, Miguel are real wonderful persons and a great asset to your establishment. Keep emphasis on nature and keep the lodge unique . Thank you very much for such friendly excellent service!!

Name: Jane Killins and Laurie Killins
Country-City: Toronto Canada
Sent: 5/30/06
Tours we made: San Jorge de Milpe Waterfalls tour. Medicinal plant tour in San Jorge Hosteria, Quito City tour, Otavalo Indian Market, Shamanic cleansings. All SERVICES were excellent, staff helpful above and beyond needs. Stays could be longer. Thank you very much.

Name: Laurie Mc Laughlin
Country-City: Gainsville FL USA
Sent: 5/30/06
I visited ecolodge San Jorge Botanical Reserve in Quito My guide was Jorge , so, of course it was wonderful. I really appreciate his knowledge of the medicinal plants and birds. His love for the area shows through. Also took a brief horseback ride was also quiet enjoyable. The room was nice. Great view , great water pressure in the shower . Food was excellent , staff very friendly.

Name: Claire and Nils Jolliffe
Country-City: UK
Sent: 5/25/06
Thank you, we had a fantastic time. The Galapagos cruise aboard Aida Maria Yacht was amazing, it couldn't have been better. The boat was great, the guide, Reuben, was superb and the crew were fantastic - I would highly recommend it! Thank you for arranging everything,

Name: Lauren Pribatt
Country-City:Fort Lauderdale, FL. USA
Sent: 5/6/06
The Botanical Reserves were beautiful and Jorge did a great job with his guidance. Friendly staff very personalized. Clean facilities, good food. Thanks you all!!

Name: Christopher Bayer
Country-City:Palm Beach Gardens, Florida USA
Sent: 5/6/06
Botanica Reserve San Jorge de Milpe was nice. Enjoyed the challenging hike. River was enjoyable. Chonta Punta medical trip changed the whole view. Transport and drivers, excellent buses clean and well mantained. Helpful and knowledgeable guides. Rooms clean and warm. Grounds beautifully maintained, very nice!!

Name: Cynthia Benson
Country-City:Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA
Sent: 5/6/06
We went on a hike down to the waterfalls in San Jorge de Milpe Reserve which was beautiful. Miguel is the best and Johanna is great!! Rooms are warm and beautiful!!.

Name: Christie Chunt
Country-City:Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA
Sent: 5/6/06
San Jorge de Milpe was beautiful!! My favorite part of the trip. Hosteria San Jorge is clean, efficient and beautiful. The grounds are incredible. Please, more banannas with chocolate , soooo good!!

Name: Jim and Ben Price
Country-City:Colorado Springs USA
Sent: 5/6/06
Room was warm , excellent food and room service outstanding. We love Botanical Reserve Hosterìa San Jorge. And Jorge, you and your family are truly good and gracious people. thank you for all you have done.

Name: Maria Terneus Davie
Country-City: Florida USA
Sent: 5/6/06
I enjoyed the guided tours , specialy the bus tours to the various towns we went to. I will give a A + to San Jorge`s lodging, restaurant, guides services, and hotel exterior maintenance.

Name: Christian Setzer
Country-City: USA
Sent: 5/6/06
Food was great, rooms have great athmosphere ad the Hosteria is beautiful. I will recommend to anyone.

Name: Paola Bordoni Fortl
Country-City: Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
Sent: 5/6/06
We went on some tours of the amazon guided by Jorge and Miguel. We had a great time and they were very educational. Hosteria San Jorge was wonderful! People are kind and welcoming!, The room and facilities are great. We really enjoyed the shows and hospitality. Delicious food!!

Name: Michael Mishkin
Country-City: Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
Sent: 5/6/06
Trips to San Jorge de Milpe waterfalls , Papallacta and Tena were all in beautiful areas and the box lunches were delicious too. Transport was excellent, guides were excellent, Hosteria food was delicious.

Name: Nick and Hannah Hague
Country-City: Manchester UK
Sent: 5/6/06
Mountain biking with San Jorge. Excellent trip, good equipment, beautiful scenery. The whole Botanical Reserve Hosteria San Jorge is amazing. The rooms are cozy and comfortable, the staff are very friendly and hard working. Nothing is too much trouble. EXCELLENT!!!

Name: John Boettcher & Norma Platt
Country-City: Rochester NY USA
Sent: 2/28/06
San Jorge de Tandayapa Reserve is a beautiful setting. Jorge, Jr. is an excellent guide. Jorge, an excellent driver with the muddy roads, traffic, and was very caring.


Name: Mitchel Markler
Country-City: Princetown, N.J. USA
Sent: 2/28/06
I took two tours; one to Yanacocha, birding, and a horseback riding trip into the hills above San Jorge Eco-Lodge.
I thoughly enjoyed both tours.  I was constantly amazed by the scenery, the flora and fauna, and how much George Cruz, our guide, knew about natural history.
I was really blessed with a sunny day and was really amazed by the views.
Everyone at San Jorge was so nice, helpful, knowledgeable and hardworking. The rooms are simple but clean and comfortable.  The food was consistently good and the staff is just a great group.
The fires built by your staff really warmed my room.
Birdwatching at Yanacocha was my very first birding experience other than informal episodes as a student. I was extremely happy with the transportation (despite the unavoidably bumpy roads) and the wide  variety of ecosystems seen. George Cruz, Sr knows every single plant by name and what useages it has in native medicine.  He is knowledge of the birds, was very helpful to me, and I can definitely see myself birding on future ecology vacations 

Name: Patrick Qualey and Mark Chambers
Country-City: Otawa, Canada
Sent: 2/28/06
We enjoyed Quito city tours and  San Jorge de Milpe waterfalls hiking adventure. Both of them were excellent!!
The Milpe tour was magnificent, and a really enjoyable experience. The natural wonders and the beauty encountered on this tour were exceptional.
Excellent service.

Name: Stormy and Adelynne  Rose.
Sent: 2/28/06
Horseback ride up to the Andes, van ride  to Otavalo indian market  and van ride to Quito -
All activities were  wonderful.  The tour to Quito was made  extra special with insight and shared information from our guide George Sr.
Restaurant and food was incredible.  Loved the outdoor feel of the location and will be  back.
San Jorge is an incredible location with incredible servcies that we  feel lucky to be part of .

Name: Joan Spencer
Country-City: Queens, New York
Sent: 2/28/06
I took the San Jorge Botanical Reserve Hike. It was  beautiful and very informative.  My guide (George, Sr.) was very knowledgeable and made a pleasurable experience.
San Jorge provided a very charming atmosphere and the help is polite and efficient. 

Name: Diane Shaugnessy
Country-City: Auburn, Washington
Sent: 2/28/06
Food and service very good!!

Name: Mary Anne  Tendirlen
Country-City: Ohio USA
Sent: 2/28/06
Restaurant was  gourmet food and  presentation, delicious..
Horsebackriding great , Otavalo Market Great , Leather market, great

Name: Lynda Howland
Country-City: Pittsford, USA
Sent: 2/28/06
Yes, I enjoyed horseback riding, excellent fun.
Otavalo Indian Market, good shopping.
Tour of Quito, spur of the moment, done by George.
Particularly enjoyed him taking us to the ice cream parlor. Shaman, very interesting experience, one I had never had before.
Guides  were excellent. George and Alejandro.Restaurant food excellent.
Transport excellent, maids excellent, room very clean.

Name: Pat Hall
Country-City: Denver, USA
Sent: 2/28/06 
I took hiking tour to the Reserve. Very enjoyable and informative.  Went to Quito, but I  do not like  big cities.
Guides very good. Rooms nice and large . Beds nice and good covers. Food very good. Need coffee earlier.

Name: David and Catherine Swieckowsky
Country-City: Colorado, USA
Sent: 2/28/06 
Medicinal plant tour in San Jorge  Botanical Reserve was a wonderful, educational hike in a very beautiful setting.  A list  of the medicinal plants and their uses would be of interest and value.  The care and time is represented in the plants and trees near  the buildings .
The staff is very polite and willing to do anything to please.

Name: Linda S Clark.
Country-City: David, CA. USA
Sent: 2/28/06 
Horsebackriding, Old town to Quito, indian market in Otavalo leather place,  I enjoyed all the activities.
I did not know that Ecuador was a such lovely place; and the people are all so very nice.
I enjoyed my stay in San Jorge very much . Food is excellent, presentation delightful.
Hospitality wonderful, rooms great. In addition the heater help lots with the cold. Transport was good.
Guide for horseback riding was as excellent as George, Sr.
Entire hotel is beautiful .
George, you have worked very hard to make our stay a pleasant one, and in my opinion you have  succeeded.

Name: Gretchen Rasheed
Country-City: Minnesota USA
Sent: 2/28/06 
Beautiful area, loved horsebackriding, friendly people. Great ambiance. More light in rooms.

 Name: Paul Stetson
Country-City:North Haven, CT, USA
Sent: 1/16/06
Vicente is the best. Certainly its a friendly atmosphere, very relaxing and good place to refresh.
It gets one a little bit from the rushing world. 

Name: Virginia Mekos
Country-City: USA
Sent: 1/16/06
Professional,  wonderful and  generous!!Because of  my limited time  I didn`t  enjoy any  trip inside  Hosteria San Jorge , but  walked  the beautiful grounds. Please continue  to keep the lodge and preserve the beautiful and  pristine.

Name: Ivonne Sampson
Country-City: Queensland Australia
Sent: 1/16/06
After  a year of traveling all around the world, we  found  Botanical Reserve Hosterìa San Jorge.  The aaccommodations were beautiful and the staff were most efficient and helpful. The food was fresh and generous. The hotel is maintained wonderfully, the fresh eucalypt leaves in the sauna were refreshing.  We did not have time to enjoy any expeditions, but hope to return and take hiking tours. 

Name: robertdowns@yahoo.com
Country-City: New Jersey, USA
Sent: 1/6/06
Beautiful Reserves (Hosteria San Jorge Reserve, San Jorge de Tandayapa and San Jorge de  Milpe)Well groomed trails.Good system of car following behind.Lots of great  looks at birds.Great guiding.Transport was ok, Guiding, George  was excellent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.Restaurant good food, fast service. Vicente is excellent. 

Name:Jan van Zomeren and Rian Stekelerbrig
Country-City: Amsterdam Holland
Sent: 1/6/06
We had a great time  at Hosteria San Jorge. We loved the pictures on the web site and it was more than we expected when we arrived  here.The staff was very helpful and friendly and we could practice our Spanish with them. Vicente took care of us the whole time and was very friendly. Our  compliments, the room was cozy. We enjoyed building our own fire every night. We loved the jacuzzi. The food at the restaurant was great.  We just had  a great time at this beautiful place.  We can not think in anything to improve. 

Name: Mike Eastwood and Jenny Reiff
Country-City: New York, USA
Sent: 1/6/06
Transportation great.Guides grea tRooms great Restaurant great, but better try the menu for more choices.Quito city tour was great!!  San Jorge de Milpe waterfalls expedition FANTASTIC!!  Best tour yet!!Horsebackriding at Hosteria San Jorge Reserve FANTASTIC. Great  way to see the country!We had a great time  here!!!Thanks!!

Name:  Claus Lund and family
Country-City: Denmark
Sent: 1/6/06
Botanical Reserve Hosteria San Jorge services are great.We loved the rustic, home feeling of your lodge.  We felt welcome and Christmas Eve was very special.Great Transportation, rooms and restaurant. You are the hardest working people I have ever met!!Holbrook Travel  

Name: John Danatzo
Country-City: USA
Sent: 1/6/06
Botanical Reserve San Jorge has an excellent service.We enjoyed Otavalo Market place. Good shopping, great tour guide who was very knowledgeable of local history.Service in San Jorge is excellent.  Staff is very good and helpful.Everything was great. Thanks!! 

Name: Michael Heller & Terry Savan
Country-City: USA
Sent: 1/6/06
San Jorge has a wonderful staff. Thanks for the fire in the rooms.Michael enjoy the Quito old town, and me, (Terry) the Otavalo Indian Market.Both tours were great.  Heidi and Johana were excellent. Guides are very informative.

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