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San Jorge guestbook 2007

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Name: Stephen Penner and Chiyo Itoh
Country-City:New York, USA
Sent: 12/10/07
San Jorge de Tandayapa Hummingbird Reserve. It was our first time birding. George was fantastic. He is so knowledgeable. Horseback riding, scenery was great! Staff was fantastic, very friendly and helpful. The grounds were wonderful, even saw some llamas.

Name: Sue Benvenuto
Country-City: CA, USA
Sent: 12/5/07
I had a wonderful experience staying at Hosteria San Jorge.  The atmosphere and grounds are beautiful.  Everyone tried very hard to please and accommodate their guests.  You are not staying at the Hilton, but you are staying at the extension of the propriators home.  I would recommend Hosteria San Jorge for a unique experience.

Name: Mori Khorrami
Sent: 12/5/07
I had a wonderful experience at San Jorge Hosteria.  I enjoyed the surroundings and the beautiful room.  It was great to be able to stay at this altitude and enjoy the environment.

Name: Holly Wymond
Sent: 12/5/07
Great time at the “San Jorge” Hosteria.  The Ecuadorian dinner on our first night was the best, and so was the folklore dance.  I loved the hospitality and the kindness from all the staff and thank you Jorge, Jr. for your great spirit!

Name: Art & Yvonne Flores
Sent: 12/5/07
Thank you for a very wonderful stay at your Hosteria.  Accomodations were very comfortable and relaxing.  Your staff bent over backwards to meet our needs and to make sure our stay was a pleasant one.  Both of your cookes and servers provided top quality service.  Reception was extremely helpful.  We look forward to our next visit in your beautiful country setting.  We highly recommend others to come and share this fantastic and beautiful experience.

Name: Bob Stoniz
Sent: 12/5/07
An excellent destination for couples to enjoy traditional Ecuadorian food, horse back riding in a wonderful atmosphere.  All amenities are great at San Jorge.

Name: Jeff Peltz
Sent: 12/5/07
We enjoyed our stay with you very much.  You are a very gracious host with a beautiful place.  We really appreciate your graciousness and hospitality.  You were very knowledgeable about Ecuador, which was very informative for us.  Great mountain biking tour through the mountains.  Thanks again so much.  We had a memorable experience.

Name: Virginia Eugenio
Country-City: CA, USA
Sent: 12/5/07
I enjoyed the atmosphere here.  I love the entire grounds.  My room had a lot of character.  The ambience in the dining room was great.  I would recommend my friends to stay here, if ever coming to Ecuador.

Name: Ellen Baldwin and Janice Carpenter
Country-City:Via Paragon Travel ~ Toronto, Canada
Sent: 12/4/07
Otavalo Market – Ricardo, concerned and helpful.
Birdwatching and hiking - Outstanding number of birds with excellent guidance from Jorge, the owner.
Quito Tour- Ricardo. Well described by knowledgeable guide. Ricardo is always smiling and helpful .
Service excellent, buildings well maintained, transportation on time, restaurant accommodating with good food, friendly and helpful staff.
Our special thanks to Silvia for helping locate eyeglasses left on airplane.
It will be good to choose smaller meals. They are huge portions.

Name: Alicia Tompkins and Jim Stevens
Country-City:Washington, USA
Sent: 8/2/07

San Jorge in Quito was wonderful, we loved the rooms, the pool, the sauna, the hot tub, the horseback riding and the personal service. The hiking was lovely. Everything about our stay here was perfect

We will recommend this place.

The perfect place to get away from Quito. An excellent accompaniment to our tour to Galapagos. I can not think of a way to improve . We loved everything Muchísimas gracias !

Name: Keller Staley
Country-City:Washington, USA
Sent: 8/2/07

Everything was great. We liked this place as a nice transition from our trip to Galápagos. Food and service was great.

Horseback riding was great

Market yourselves to people visiting Galápagos and returning thru Quito to the US. This is a wonderful change from the city of Quito. !

Name: Chris
Sent: 7/18/07

I have traveled extensively throughout the world and have never experienced the customized and personal treatment given to me while at San Jorge. Once I exited customs, I did not have to worry about anything until I was on my flight home.

The Galapagos cruise is also a must-do. I cannot possibly describe the untouched beauty or biodiversity you get to experience on this trip.

If you are considering going to San Jorge, book your trip. You won’t regret it.

Name: Merrilee Jacobson
Country-City: Raleigh USA
Sent: 7/16/07

We took the San Jorge medicinal plant tour, the birding tour. My husband went horseback riding and the other family members took a long walk to the plateau. All of us (we were 17 ! ) enjoyed our time at San Jorge.

The children were very interested in the medicinal plants and all of us enjoyed the beautiful birds.

The were excellent and made sure we had everything we needed. The food was excellent and the rooms were very comfortable. We really enjoy the folk dancing all evening after dinner. You can certainly quote me!!

Just continue to preserve the land and return it to its natural state . You are doing very important work!!

Name: Clyde and Jean Bolinger
Country-City: Cortland OH USA
Sent: 7/16/07
We enjoyed the shamanic medicine plant tour, hiking the preinca trail and birding tours.
Food and tours were excellent. The rooms ,although lightly heated ,were comfortable.
We were so glad Natural Habitat offered this as an option on our Galápagos Adventure.

Name: Chris and Tris Bolinger
Country-City: Twinsburg Ohio USA
Sent: 7/16/07
Hiking, horseback riding , medicinal plant – all tours were fun educational and positive.
Rooms-good and comfortable
Restaurant- excellent
Maintenance , gardens , services- Inmaculate, beautiful , natural.
We are very happy that our stay here was a part of our Natural habitats adventure in Ecuador.
The experience was unique, fun and educational for us and our children. The views of Quito,the mountains and the surrounding areas were breaktaking. The service was excellent.

Name: Duane and Loralee Daily
Country-City: Akron , Ohio, USA
Sent: 7/16/07
We did the medicinal plant tour , horseback riding tour and hiked to the highlands. We enjoyed the scenery and the comfort of our rooms . The food and service were excellent and our immediate family of 5 greatly enjoyed our visit!

We weren´t sure what to expect on the exciting bust trip to San Jorge, but once we got here, we were so happy that we got to experience everything San Jorge had to offer. It is a beautiful location with something to give guests of all ages.

Name: Anjalu, Patrick, Alussa Wagers.
Country-City: Stow, Oh USA
Sent: 7/16/07
Some took the Medicinal Plant tour, long hike to plateau and horseback riding trip.
The dancers were great entertainment. Enjoyed the birds and flowering plants. The staff was wonderful

Name: Madge & John Miller
Country-City: California, USA Via Natural Habitat Adventures
Sent: 7/2/07
A very peaceful and tranquil spot at San Jorge/Quito. The room was pleasant and we enjoyed the views. The bed was extremely comfortable. All the staff were friendly and helpful. A relaxing therapeutic stay with a good variety of food. We hiked on our own to the San Jorge waterfalls in the morning and strolled through the grounds watching birds in the afternoon.

Name: Pat Meherick
Country-City: Tucson, Arizona USA
Sent: 7/2/07

San Jorge de Milpe was beautiful. Transportation services were excellent, the food was very tasty and the hotel services and maintenance were excellent! Yes, I toured and birdwatched. Guidance was excellent and tourism services were great. It would be a good idea to have a list of tours and prices listed posted in the lodge Muchas gracias por todo!!!! MUY EXCELLENTE!!!!

Name: Susan Barker
Country-City: Tampa FL, USA
Sent: 6/20/07
We enjoyed San Jorge de Quito, Tandayapa, Milpe.
Transportation was good and timely.
Lodging was excellent!,
Restaurant good food, excellent service, maintenance good, Horseback ride, Vicente is the best!
Tandayapa and Milpe were a great experience. However, plants, waterfalls, were impressive in their own right.
The number of hummingbirds was very impressive. I finally got some good pictures.
Very attentive staff.
We had a wonderful week and would highly recommend San Jorge to others.

Name: Deborah L. Barker
Country-City: St Petersbourgh, FL USA
Sent: 6/20/07
We visited San Jorge de Quito, Tandayapa and Milpe.
The transportation, lodging, restaurant, and hotel services were all very good.
San Jorge in Quito : enjoyed the rustic charm, art and antiques. The grounds and hummingbirds were beautiful. Vicente was the man.
San Jorge de Milpe : Impressive views, waterfalls, some insects, otherwise this will be a paradise.
San Jorge de Tandayapa: the hilltop picnic area was the perfect resting spot after hiking. The trails were full of wildlife.
We experienced hiking with some birdwatching, orchid viewing and general wildlife observation and photography . George, the guide, transportation and tourism services were excellent! Our week at San Jorge was very enjoyable and very unique experience for us. We were very impressed with the beauty of Ecuador and the friendliness of the people of Ecuador. We cherish our new friendships with the San Jorge team. I first became aware of San Jorge while on amazon adventures .com

Name: Andrew Skipper
Country-City: AK, USA
Sent: 6/10/07
We enjoyed watching birds, and the views. I
loved the peacefulness of the lodge and felt very welcome by the friendly staff

Name: Bernet and Bram
Country-City: Amsterdam Holland
Sent: 6/3/07
San Jorge de Quito provides great services and it’s a beautiful area.
We were picked up at the airport and back to Quito, both were perfect.
No idea of how you can improve..

Name: Joseph Lynch
Sent: 4/07
We enjoyed San Jorge Eco-Lodge & Botanical Reserve. Very beautiful with outstanding waterfalls!

Name: Jennifer and Sara Thruston
Country-City:New York, USA
Sent: 4/07
A beautiful place. We are very glad we choose to stay here. The food was excellent and the staff very kind. I recommend the sauna! Perfect!!

Name: Kathleen Whooley
Country-City:Gainsville FL USA
Sent: 4/07
Everything was great, the services, setting, comfort level, and food. I love Ecuadorian people, very friendly. Muchas gracias.

Name: Steven and Catherine Popell
via Natural Habitat Adventure
Country-City:Los Altos, California USA
Sent: 4/07
We visited both San Jorge de Tandayapa Hummingbird Reserve and San Jorge de Milpe Orchid and Bird Reserve. The guidance, transfers, food, lodging and tourism services were outstanding in all respects!

Name: Neal Beroz
Via Myths & Mountains/NV USA
Country-City:Albuquerque, NM USA
Sent: 3/24/07
We took the trip to San Jorge de Tandayapa Hummingbird Sanctuary and also the medicinal plant tour at San Jorge Ecolodge in Quito.
Enjoyed both tours. Informative; Good pace; Excellent service and food. Very nice rooms.

Name: Jim Burks
Via Myths & Mountains/NV USA
Country-City:Rodville, MA USA
Sent: 3/24/07
San Jorge de Tandayapa Reserve was terrific. Loved the many varieties of birds and our guides ( George).
Medicinal plant tour - great information and guide.
Otavalo was great. Excellent dinner and translation.
Services in San Jorge are all excellent. Vicente and Laura were great!!
Give more information on your web site, especially about your new lodge and the quality guides at the hotel (which is high).

Name: Jim Meike
Country-City:Modesto, CA USA
Sent: 3/24/07
We enjoyed the Quito City Tour and the old town.
Great, lots of information.
The service in San Jorge Ecolodge is impeccable.
Great`place to stay. If possible I will be back!!

Name: Ben Weiner
Via Natural Habitat Adventures
Country-City: Colorado USA
Sent: 3/24/07
We enjoyed the Old Colonial Quito City Tour.
George, you were great.

Name: Ellen Mossman
Country-City: Edinburgh, UK
Sent: 1/18/07
The horse trek was very good, and San Jorge de Tandayapa very interesting. Cheryl was help with my booking, and it was really good having an English speaking person on your tours.

Name: Deborah & Richard
Country-City:North Granby, Connecticut, USA
Sent: 1/14/07
 We enjoyed San Jorge de Tandayapa Hummingbirds Reserve and San Jorge de Milpe waterfalls adventure.
Of course our hikes were very informative because George took us. We appreciated the hikes being at the appropriate physical level for us. We are not birdwatchers but enjoyed seeing the birds, specially in our lunch stop in the wonderful San Jorge deTtandayapa Hummingbird Reserve. We really loved our room in San Jorge Ecolodge Quito, near the office. USA sales ( Cheryl) were good. Cheryl was very helpful, very personal services, first by Cheryl, then by George and others at San Jorge Ecolodge. Transport was fine. Meals were mostly good.

Name: Bruce and Carolyn McLean
Country-City:Sasakatoon Saskatchewon, Canada
Sent: 1/14/07
 San Jorge de Tandayapa and San Jorge Ecolodge Botanical Reserves hikes.
We enjoyed the walking tours very much, the guides were good.
Wonderful to be in a place with so much history.

Name: Margot Bell Via Natural Habitat Adventures
Country-City:South Africa
Sent: 1/6/07
 Rooms comfortable, staff friendly and helpful. Good food.

Name: Erin Brenegen
Country-City:Denver Co USA
Sent: 1/5/07
 We enjoyed Quito, Otavalo, Hot springs, bike trip , all were fabulous. And where ever we went the scenery and views were amazing. The Otavalo Market was really great! I loved the atmosphere and the collection of art in all the buildings, the heating in the rooms was perfectly sufficient The service was impecable all around Thank you so much I had a great time and thank you for the roses.!!

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